Project Structure

The project directory structure pretty straight forward. Most of this will be created by sb init with a simple template. This example is what is created by the erc20 template:

    |- build/  # Files created by the compilers, including contract ABIs and their compiled bytecode.
    |- contracts/  # Solidity and/or Vyper contract source files
        |- lib/ # No contracts will be compiled in this directory
        |- ERC20.sol
        |- IERC20.sol
        |- SafeMath.sol
    |- deploy/  # Your deployment scripts.
    |- tests/  # Contains your pytest tests to test your contracts
    |- networks.yml  # Network/node connection configuration
    |- metafile.json  # Project state

For further detailed information, see below.


This directory should be pretty much hands-off and completely managed by Solidbyte. Referencing these files may be useful, but arbitrarily changing anything may cause unexpected behavior. There’s no real reason to keep this directory in version control.


This directory contains all of your contract source files. They can be Vyper or Solidity or a mix of both if you prefer. The directory structure under this can be whatever you want.

NOTE: Any contracts under contracts/lib/ will not be directly compiled on their own by Solidbyte.


deploy/ contains your deployment scripts. See: Deployment Scripts.


This contains your pytest scripts. See Testing Your Contracts.


This file contains your connection configuration. See: networks.yml.


This is the file Solidbyte uses to keep track of your project state. Things like the default account, and known deployments of your contracts. Generally, you probably shouldn’t fiddle with this file and it’s a great idea to keep this file in version control if working in a team. For more information, see metafile.json.