Source code for solidbyte.common.networks

""" Handle operations around networks.yml

Example File

.. code-block:: yaml

    # networks.yml
      type: auto
      autodeploy_allowed: true
      use_default_account: true

      type: websocket
      url: wss://

      type: ipc
      file: ~/.ethereum/geth.ipc

      type: eth_tester
      autodeploy_allowed: true
      use_default_account: true
import yaml
from typing import Callable, Union, Any, Dict, List
from pathlib import Path
from functools import wraps
from .logging import getLogger
from .exceptions import ConfigurationError
from .utils import to_path_or_cwd

log = getLogger(__name__)

# Typing
PathString = Union[Path, str, bytes]
NetworkConfig = Dict[str, Dict[str, Any]]

# Const
ETH_TESTER_TYPES = ('eth_tester', 'eth-tester', 'ethereum-tester')

[docs]def config_exists(f: Callable) -> Callable: """ NetworksYML method decorator to check if a config exists methods must have :code:`name` as first argument after :code:`self`. .. code-block:: python @config_exists def method(self, name): pass """ @wraps(f) def wrapper(*args, **kwargs): if not args[0].config: raise ConfigurationError("networks.yml not loaded!") if not args[0].network_config_exists(args[1]): raise ConfigurationError("Network config for '{}' does not exist.".format(args[1])) return f(*args, **kwargs) return wrapper
[docs]class NetworksYML: """ Object representation of the networks.yml file """
[docs] def __init__(self, project_dir: PathString = None, no_load: bool = False) -> None: log.debug("NetworksYML.__init__(project_dir={}, no_load={})".format(project_dir, no_load)) project_dir = to_path_or_cwd(project_dir) self.config_file = project_dir.joinpath('networks.yml') self.config = None self.networks: List = [] if no_load is False: log.debug("self.load_configuration()") self.load_configuration()
[docs] def load_configuration(self, config_file: PathString = None) -> None: """ Load the configuration from networks.yml """ if config_file is None: config_file = self.config_file elif type(config_file) in (str, bytes): if type(config_file) == bytes: config_file = config_file.decode('utf-8') config_file = Path(config_file).expanduser().resolve() self.config_file = config_file log.debug("resolved config file to: {}".format(self.config_file)) if not self.config_file or not self.config_file.exists(): log.warning("Missing config_file") return log.debug("Loading networks configuration from {}...".format(self.config_file)) with open(self.config_file, 'r') as cfile: self.config = yaml.load(cfile) if not self.config: raise ConfigurationError("Unable to load networks.yml!") self.networks = list(self.config.keys())
[docs] def network_config_exists(self, name: str) -> bool: """ Check and see if we have configuration for name """ try: self.networks.index(name) return True except ValueError: return False
[docs] @config_exists def get_network_config(self, name: str) -> NetworkConfig: """ Return the config for a specific network """ return self.config[name]
[docs] @config_exists def autodeploy_allowed(self, name: str) -> bool: """ Check if autodeploy is allowed on this network. It must be explicitly allowed. """ return self.get_network_config(name).get('autodeploy_allowed', False)
[docs] @config_exists def use_default_account(self, name: str) -> bool: """ Check if this network is allowed to use the default account for most operations. """ return self.get_network_config(name).get('use_default_account', False)
[docs] @config_exists def is_eth_tester(self, name: str) -> bool: """ Check if autodeploy is allowed on this network. It must be explicitly allowed. """ return self.get_network_config(name).get('type') in ETH_TESTER_TYPES