Solidbyte Session Store

Very simple module we can use to store session-level data. This saves certain things from having to be passed through dozens of functions or objects.

This is not fully implemented project wide yet. Currently experimental.


Enum defining storage keys


The account decrypt passphrase that should be session-wide.

KEYSTORE_DIR = 'keystore'

The directory with the Ethereum secret store files

NETWORK_NAME = 'network_name'

The name of the network being used as defined in networks.yml

PROJECT_DIR = 'project_dir'

The project directory. Probably pwd. → bool[source]

Check if the key is defined and in STORAGE

Parameters:key – (Keys) The key to look for
Returns:(bool) If the key is defined in storage → Optional[Any][source]

Get the value stored for the key

Parameters:key – (Keys) The key of the value to return
Returns:(Any) The value of the key, val: Any) → Optional[Any][source]

Set the value of the key and return the new value

  • key – (Keys) The key of the value to return
  • val – (Any) The value to set

(Any) The value of the key