Source code for solidbyte.templates.template

""" Abstract template class """
import sys
from shutil import copyfile
from pathlib import Path
from ..common.utils import to_path
from ..common.logging import getLogger

log = getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class Template(object): """ Template abstract """
[docs] def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): """ Init the Template object. Arguments can be added by subclasses. The one used by Template are documented below. :param dir_mode: (:code:`int`) The directory mode permissions :param pwd: (:class:`pathlib.Path`) The current working directory """ self.dir_mode = kwargs.get('dir_mode', 0o755) log.debug('Template dir_mode: {}'.format(self.dir_mode)) self.pwd = to_path(kwargs.get('pwd') or Path.cwd()) # The path of the directory of the class that sublclasses this class. Should be the # template's self.template_dir = Path(sys.modules[self.__module__].__file__).parent
[docs] def initialize(self): """ This method performs all steps necessary to build a template. It must be implemented by the Template subclass. """ raise NotImplementedError("initialize() must be implemented for template")
[docs] def copy_template_file(self, dest_dir, subdir, filename): """ Copy a file from the template module directory to dest :param dest_dir: (:class:`pathlib.Path`) - The destination directory in the project structure :param subdir: (:class:`pathlib.Path`) - The subdirectory under dest_dir :param filename: (:code:`str`) - The name of the destination file :returns: (:code:`str`) Destination path """ dest_dir = to_path(dest_dir) source = self.template_dir.joinpath(subdir, filename) dest = dest_dir.joinpath(subdir, filename)"Copying {} to {}...".format(filename, dest)) return copyfile(source, dest)
[docs] def create_dirs(self): """ Create the project directory structure """ tests_dir = self.pwd.joinpath('tests') contracts_dir = self.pwd.joinpath('contracts') deploy_dir = self.pwd.joinpath('deploy') scripts_dir = self.pwd.joinpath('scripts') if tests_dir.exists() \ or contracts_dir.exists() \ or deploy_dir.exists(): raise FileExistsError("Project structure appears to already exist! Aborting...")"Executing project initialization...") log.warning("Creating project directory structure with mode {0:o}".format(self.dir_mode)) log.debug("Creating tests directory...") tests_dir.mkdir(mode=self.dir_mode) log.debug("Creating contracts directory...") contracts_dir.mkdir(mode=self.dir_mode) log.debug("Creating deploy directory...") deploy_dir.mkdir(mode=self.dir_mode) log.debug("Creating scripts directory...") scripts_dir.mkdir(mode=self.dir_mode)