Source code for solidbyte.compile.compiler

""" Solidity compiling functionality """
import os
import json
import vyper
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE, STDOUT
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Set
from vyper.cli.utils import extract_file_interface_imports
from .vyper import is_vyper_interface, vyper_import_to_file_paths
from .solidity import is_solidity_interface_only
from ..common.utils import (
from ..common.exceptions import CompileError
from ..common.logging import getLogger

log = getLogger(__name__)

SOLC_PATH = os.environ.get(
    str(Path(__file__).parent.joinpath('..', 'bin', 'solc').resolve())
VYPER_PATH = find_vyper()

[docs]def get_all_source_files(contracts_dir: Path) -> Set[Path]: """ Return a Path for every contract source file in the provided directory and any sub- directories. :param contracts_dir: The Path of the directory to start at. :returns: List of Paths to every source file in the directory. """ source_files: Set[Path] = set() for node in contracts_dir.iterdir(): # Do not compile libraries on their own if node.is_dir() and != 'lib': continue elif node.is_dir(): source_files.update(get_all_source_files(node)) elif node.is_file(): if supported_extension(node): source_files.add(node) else: log.error("{} is not a known fs type.".format(str(node))) raise Exception("Path is an unknown.") return source_files
[docs]class Compiler(object): """ Handle compiling of contracts """
[docs] def __init__(self, project_dir=None): self.project_dir = to_path_or_cwd(project_dir) self.dir = self.project_dir.joinpath('contracts') self.builddir = builddir(project_dir)
@property def solc_version(self): """ Get the version of the solidity copmiler :returns: A :code:`str` representation of the version """ compile_cmd = [ SOLC_PATH, '--version', ] p = Popen(compile_cmd, stdout=PIPE) version_out = p.wait() try: version_string = version_out.decode('utf8').split('\n')[1] return version_string.replace('Version: ', '') except Exception: return 'err' @property def vyper_version(self): """ Get the version of the vyper copmiler :returns: A :code:`str` representation of the version """ return vyper.__version__ @property def version(self): """ A :code:`list` of all compiler versions """ return [self.solc_version, self.vyper_version]
[docs] def compile(self, filename): """ Compile a single source contract at :code:`filename` :param filename: Source contract's filename """"Compiling contract {}".format(filename)) # Get our ouput FS stuff ready source_file = Path(self.dir, filename) name, ext = get_filename_and_ext(filename) contract_outdir = Path(self.builddir, name) contract_outdir.mkdir(mode=0o755, exist_ok=True, parents=True) bin_outfile = contract_outdir.joinpath('{}.bin'.format(name)) abi_outfile = contract_outdir.joinpath('{}.abi'.format(name)) if ext == 'sol': if is_solidity_interface_only(source_file): log.warning("{} appears to be a Solidity interface. Skipping.".format(name)) return # Compiler command to run compile_cmd = [ SOLC_PATH, '--bin', '--optimize', '--overwrite', '--allow-paths', str(self.project_dir), '-o', str(bin_outfile.parent), str(source_file) ] log.debug("Executing compiler with: {}".format(' '.join(compile_cmd))) abi_cmd = [ SOLC_PATH, '--abi', '--overwrite', '--allow-paths', str(self.project_dir), '-o', str(abi_outfile.parent), str(source_file) ] log.debug("Executing compiler with: {}".format(' '.join(abi_cmd))) # Do the needful p_bin = Popen(compile_cmd, stdout=PIPE, stderr=STDOUT) p_abi = Popen(abi_cmd, stdout=PIPE, stderr=STDOUT) # Twiddle our thumbs p_bin.wait() p_abi.wait() # Check the output # p_bin_out = # p_abi_out = # solc version differences? # if ( # b'Compiler run successful' not in p_bin_out # and b'Compiler run successful' not in p_abi_out # ): # log.error("Compiler shows an error:") # raise CompileError("solc did not indicate success.") # Check the return codes compile_retval = p_bin.returncode abi_retval = p_abi.returncode if compile_retval != 0 or abi_retval != 0: raise CompileError("Solidity compiler returned non-zero exit code") if bin_outfile.stat().st_size == 0: raise CompileError( "Zero length bytecode output from compiler. This has only been seen to occur if" " there was a silent error by the Solidity compileer" ) elif ext == 'vy': source_text = '' with as _file: source_text = if not source_text: # TODO: Do we want to die in a fire here? log.warning("Source file for {} appears to be empty!".format(name)) return if is_vyper_interface(source_text): log.warning("{} appears to be a Vyper interface. Skipping.".format(name)) return # Read in the source for the interface(s) interface_imports = extract_file_interface_imports(source_text) interface_codes = dict() for interface_name, interface_path in interface_imports.items(): interface_filepath = vyper_import_to_file_paths(self.dir, interface_path) with as _file: interface_codes[interface_name] = { 'type': 'vyper', 'code': } compiler_out = vyper.compile_code( source_text, ['bytecode', 'abi'], interface_codes=interface_codes, ) if not compiler_out.get('bytecode') and not compiler_out.get('abi'): log.error("Nothing returned by vyper compiler for {}".format(name)) return if not compiler_out.get('bytecode'): log.warning("No bytecode returned by vyper compiler for contract {}".format(name)) else: # Create the output file and open for writing of bytecode with'w') as out: out.write(compiler_out['bytecode']) # ABI if not compiler_out.get('abi'): log.warning("No ABI returned by vyper compiler for contract {}".format(name)) else: # Create the output file and open for writing of bytecode with'w') as out: out.write(json.dumps(compiler_out['abi'])) else: raise CompileError("Unsupported source file type")
[docs] def compile_all(self): """ Compile all source contracts """ log.debug("Compiling all contracts with compiler at {}".format(SOLC_PATH)) log.debug("Contracts directory: {}".format(self.dir)) log.debug("Build directory: {}".format(self.builddir)) source_dir = Path(self.dir) contract_files = get_all_source_files(source_dir) log.debug("contract files: {}".format(contract_files)) for contract in contract_files: self.compile(contract)