compile.compiler Module

The compile.compiler module

Solidity compiling functionality

class solidbyte.compile.compiler.Compiler(project_dir=None)[source]

Handle compiling of contracts


Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


Compile a single source contract at filename

Parameters:filename – Source contract’s filename

Compile all source contracts


Get the version of the solidity copmiler

Returns:A str representation of the version

A list of all compiler versions


Get the version of the vyper copmiler

Returns:A str representation of the version
solidbyte.compile.compiler.get_all_source_files(contracts_dir: pathlib.Path) → Set[pathlib.Path][source]

Return a Path for every contract source file in the provided directory and any sub- directories.

Parameters:contracts_dir – The Path of the directory to start at.
Returns:List of Paths to every source file in the directory.